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Event management technology is not limited to only corporate events and conferences. A trending use case is using the software to provide training and education to global audiences. The event management software offers learners a unique experience through data-driven, self-directed education and curated content that allows them to learn on their own schedule and from wherever they are. By making learning personalized, intuitive, and engaging, you can make the learning experience more accessible and available to a wider range of users. In this blog, we’ll talk about how event technology can make a world of difference when used for training and education purposes.

Making Training and Education Engaging & More Effective

Similar to hosting corporate events, training and educational events require registration, attendee management, payment processing, engagement, data collection and management as well as analyzing the collected data and making sense of it.

With the right technology, you can create professional event experiences that will help you manage all your events and training sessions in one place, from start to finish. When looking for an event management platform for training and educational needs, look for the following 4 key components—registration, flexibility and customization, gamification and accessibility.

1. Seamless Registration

Event registration is an important part of your training event journey. Managing the registration process can be challenging and time-consuming. An end-to-end event registration software can help you easily keep track of your registrants, process payments, collect and integrate valuable data to your sales and marketing automation systems. Taking advantage of event management software not only eases the task of registration but creates a more efficient and organized experience for everyone involved.

In addition to that, the online registration process enables you to learn more about your participants and gain valuable information. It puts you in control to ask specific questions regarding your audience’s interests, dietary restrictions, waivers, networking, travel arrangements, and other important details. With the right technology, you can transform this data into actionable insights so you can create a seamless event experience.

2. Flexibility and Customization

Customization creates a more engaging and interactive experience by aligning your educational content to your attendee interests and needs. With the right event management software, you can create a more personalized training session that’s tailored to your audiences based on their interests. Additionally, you can expand your reach by delivering pre-recorded content on-demand–giving your audiences the flexibility they need to consume it anywhere, any time. You can seamlessly scale the number of courses and training sessions to serve a much bigger audience and train more users globally. Finding an event software provider with the flexibility you need to customize is crucial for training and educational events

3. Gamification to Boost Learning & Engagement

In a recent study, 92% of respondents cited “Education” as one of their top drivers for attending an event (IAEE Decision to Attend). In the study, 91% of all generations expressed a desire to continue their education. How can you ensure that your event is remembered not only as a good time but as an educational event that offered valuable learnings? Gamification. People love to be seen as subject matter experts, so you’re sure to ignite some competitive spirit by positioning your event’s game as a test of their knowledge. In this game, you’ll be asking questions that directly relate to the content and theme of your event

4. Accessibility

Using a hybrid model through event software expands the reach of your event to members of your organization who cannot attend it in person. Accessibility choices allow everyone to participate if you want to take full advantage of what the event has to offer. Virtual options also enable event organizers to create breakout rooms—an essential for accessibility. From the comfort of their own homes, breakout rooms are a fantastic method to get participants involved with one another. It is crucial, for attendees and event organizers, to make sure everyone interested in your event can access it, especially for collaborating in educational activities.

How Certain Facilitates Training & Education

Built for planning any kind of educational event, Certain Event Management software has everything you need to seamlessly execute highly effective and engaging training sessions.

Prior to implementing Certain and using it for their events, Herman Memorial only had 35 courses per year. In 3 years, even with Covid they were able to increase the number of courses by 50%. “Before using Certain, we were not able to have any pre-recorded content or on-demand content. And now we have over 80 hours of continuing course education and CCUs that we provide to Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Case Managers, Social Workers, Speech Language Pathologist and others in the medical field.” said Victoria Zegarrando of Herman Memorial. She goes on to say: “Additionally, our overall attendee satisfaction has also increased to 97% with Certain. So, we’ve been really excited about giving our participants more of what they want and making them happy. We’ve been very pleased using the Certain platform.”

Similarly, the National FFA program is able to seamlessly manage their 70,000 annual convention registrations with Certain. Mandy Hazlett, the Associate Director of Events at FFA, found that Certain offers new prospects for expansion with a customizable, user-centered experience that helps track registrations and future attendees. Hazlett explains how in the past it was difficult to “have all the names collected for every single person who was going to be here.” Certain helps aide the FFA Convention by organizing the process of attendee information from teachers to students. By “moving the whole (registration) process online with Certain, Hazlett describes “it has definitely been one of the best decisions we have ever made.” Certain provides a multitude of tools to help create a great event experience for attendees and event organizers.

Transform your next eLearning and training experience with Certain today! Contact us to meet with one of our event experts!

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