Transforming your Event Data into Revenue and Results

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Transforming event data into actionable insights is an important element of your event success metrics. Event organizers are leveraging new data strategies for in-person and hybrid events. Gathering large numbers of people to attend your event sounds impressive, but how did they drive and accelerate the pipeline? How does retention differ between customers who attend your events versus those who don’t? When you look at those insights, you can start proving the value of your events and their impact on business.

Activate Event Data with the Right Technology

The last two-plus years have shown that an ever-changing world demands flexible technology solutions. Instead of navigating a handful of tools to prove your event value, try finding ways to consolidate event orchestration and data insights. Consolidation isn’t just a cost-saving measure—it’s a smarter approach to proving business impact. Having your data organized allows you to convert meaningful engagement and convincing conversation to lead retention. Using a data-driven approach ultimately translates to more resources and better-informed strategies for executing future events.

It’s easy to capture attendee data – perhaps you’ve got too much data that’s unorganized so you’re not able to make sense of it in a meaningful way. Taking full advantage requires capturing attendee data across the entire event journey, analyzing and contextualizing the data for more actionable insights. You need to understand the different data sources, collection methods and have an analytics engine to continuously capture relevant data points. To get a complete picture of the attendee journey and get it soon enough to be responsive when it counts. To maximize results, you need an end-to-end event data strategy that:

  • Focuses on your event outcomes, not just logistics
  • Provides a deep understanding of attendee engagement
  • Enables responses to events in real-time
  • Scales to support all types & sizes of event on one platform, from smaller repeatable events to your largest conferences

By enabling you to provide highly personalized, truly engaging experiences backed by intent data, Certain is helping you not only deliver measurable outcomes, but transform what event success means for your business.<

Use Event Intelligence to Accelerate Pipeline

In-person events offer your team a front-row seat to your prospects’ discussions, reactions and perspectives. Virtual events produce even more data points to understand your prospects’ points of view, pain points and outlook. Use this data to inform the development of sales strategies, attendee follow-up and future event content. You can use events to fuel new leads and contacts for a marketing team’s customer relationship management. The data you use to personalize attendee experiences also has a lot of potential to accelerate your sales pipeline. Attendee activity data—from the sessions attended to the polls responded—enables sales teams to segment participants based on engagement levels and customized post-event outreach. During outreach, you can determine whether high engagement levels translate into a sales-qualified lead, maximizing conversion success and informing future sales strategies. The technology you use should allow your sales team to seamlessly act on data so they can focus their time and efforts on highly engaged leads.

It’s important to understand that great marketing events start with data and the right tools. They need insight into global events so that they can take action in real-time to boost revenue.

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