Top 10 Event App Essentials

We work with meeting planners from all over the world and they are smart, incredible people. They know how to get stuff done. In fact, we are blown away by the feats of wizardry they perform on a daily basis managing events and meetings for their customers and colleagues. They know events inside and out.

We asked 50 event professionals what they find most important in an event app. What are the things that would make their lives and their events better or easier?

Here’s a list of what matters most to them. It’s their Top 10 list of app essentials. (Actually there are 11. There was a tie for number 10.)

Here are 11 event app essentials:

  1. Enable me to collect immediate attendee feedback through surveys, the results of which are instantly available to me.
  2. Meet the most stringent security< requirements of my organization’s IT department.
  3. Allow me to attach presentations, videos and other materials for my attendees to view.
  4. Permit my attendees to ask questions to the speakers, vote and participate in live polls, the results of which are instantly available to the audience.
  5. Be branded for my organization or event by way of logos, design elements, colors and images.
  6. Provide a dedicated project manager to guide me throughout the mobile event app setup process.
  7. Supply a plethora of authentication and privacy optionsfor me to choose from.
  8. Have an easy-to-use content management system.
  9. Deliver an extensive post-event usage report.
  10. Enable me to update event details “on the fly” and at the last minute.
  11. Offer a full service option where I could send information to my project manager and receive a completed mobile event application.

What’s most important to you? If you have other things that would make your top 10, let us know. It would be great to hear from you.

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