Thank You for Inspiring Us: 4 Customer Appreciation Tips

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As the Director of Customer Success at Certain, I get the opportunity to work with our customers one-on-one and develop a deep understanding of their needs. Because of this experience, I have learned how critical and foundational Certain is to our customers’ ability to execute large-scale and complex events.

The robustness of our platform allows our customers to create amazing experiences and events, which are essential components to our customers’ success.

We take our role in helping power these events very seriously. At Certain, we hold ourselves accountable to our customers and giving them the tools to execute their events as flawlessly as possible. And from a technology standpoint, my team and I find it fulfilling and personally rewarding to help our customers take their events to the next level.

We’ve created a video to show our appreciation, and to let you know how valuable we find your feedback.

Thank You Video from Certain, Inc. on Vimeo.

Beyond finding it personally rewarding to help our customers, I’m also thankful for the opportunities that our customers provide to help us learn and grow at Certain.

Why We’re Thankful for our Customers

I’m incredibly grateful for how open and honest our customers are. They are generous with their time and input, and by sharing their feedback and ideas, we learn how our platform is helping them today and how it could be improved.

By being transparent about the challenges that our customers face, they help us design a better product and customize our platform to better suit their needs.

Additionally, I’m thankful for our customers’ loyalty. I find it inspiring that we’ve had many of our customers for well over a decade, which is rare in the software business. Our long-term customer relationships speak to both the customer service that we provide and the dedication of our customer base.

4 Tips for Stepping Up Your Event Marketing Game

When it comes to designing standout, memorable events that drive value to your customer base, here are some tips that I’ve learned along the way as a Director of Customer Success at Certain:

customer appreciation tipsAt Certain, we want to give you the tools to manage your events successfully, especially when it comes to providing you with exceptional customer support.

How Our Customer Success Organization Supports Our Customers

At Certain, we strive to provide a level of support that matches the excellence of our customers’ world-class events.

We do this by providing an incredibly thorough, dedicated, support team that’s focused on ensuring that any support issues get resolved as quickly as possible. Next, our professional services team makes sure that we get our customers up and running, by taking on complex customer problems and translating them into solutions. And finally, our customer success team focuses on the business needs of our customers to find out how we can drive real, tangible value for our customers.

In addition to the different organizations that exist to support our customers and help achieve customer success, we’re also working on changes at Certain to better the customer experience.

How We’re Improving the Customer Experience

We’ve got exciting improvements in the pipeline at Certain! First, we’re making heavy investments in our support, professional services, and customer success teams. We’re adding new team members so that we have the bandwidth to work with each of our customers on a deeper level, and we’re also helping our teams level-up their skillsets so that they can be even more advantageous and beneficial to our customer base. Each team member is increasing their knowledge in order to better understand the changing landscape of marketing technology and event technology.

Beyond our people investment, we’re making significant investments in technology to help drive better experiences for our customers. For example, we’re developing predictive analytics to help understand where customers may or may not be having problems and to see if there are opportunities to take advantage of new functionality in the platform.

We’re also working cross-departmentally with our marketing team at Certain. By doing this, we’re ensuring that we’re delivering targeted content that our customer-base finds useful, in order to help our clients get more out of their investment with us.

The Value of Certain

At Certain, we want to help our clients provide a phenomenal experience for their end-users and people who are attending their events.

We recognize the importance of providing a world-class platform to help power our customers’ events. The platform needs to promote all aspects of marketing, the branding, communication, and outreach for our customers’ events, and it must look enticing in order to facilitate getting more people to attend our customers’ events.

We also understand that the modern marketer has a deep need for robust data so that they can appropriately market to their existing customers and new customers. The CMO’s marketing spend is growing and this is because customers today demand personalization within an organization, and we have the ability to power that at Certain. Our data-sets submit real-time into marketing automation systems and CRM systems, and allow modern marketers to craft and personalize their messages in order to provide the right content or message to the right people at the right time.

Thank you for Being a Valued Customer

As we head into Thanksgiving, we want to thank you for inspiring us to create better products and helping us reach for a brighter future. We hope that all of our customers grow with us, that we provide outstanding customer experiences, and we want to wish you all a happy holiday.

As a way to give thanks, we’ve gathered our leaders at Certain to deliver a personal video message.

We want to hear what you think. Give us your feedback, wishlists, and let us know how we can improve. We want to know how we can continue making Certain the best event marketing platform in the world.

Thank you!

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