In a Search for New Technology, the Right Team is as Important as the Right Tech

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With the Spring event season upon us, news affecting marketers on technology and trends is even more abundant. In an effort to make sense of all of the new technology facing marketers yearly, Scott Brinker, Program Chair of the MarTech Conference, releases a graphic that lists the overall marketing tech landscape, commonly referred to as the “Martech 5000.”

This year’s list was expansive to say the least, spanning 49 unique categories and showcasing 6,829 solutions (which is more than all of the solutions listed from 2011-2016 combined). Certain made the list twice, appearing both in “Social & Relationships” and “Events, Meetings & Webinars.”

The caveat to this detailed list is that its enormity can make it difficult for marketers to digest. With so many vendors and choices, how do marketers decide which technology is really needed and which is right for their company?

The Right Tech AND The Right Team

Recently, our CMO, Kristen Alexander, spoke on a “Measurement that Matters to the CMO” panel. There, she told the audience that when marketers look for new technologies, they should look for the right tech AND the right team to help them be successful. That is the essence of how to pick a technology that is right for your company.

A good technology team offers support to their clients to ensure that marketers are successful when using their product, but a great technology team makes customer support a part of their DNA.

When implementing new tech solutions, ask yourself: Does this company offer onboarding? How does the company communicate with their customers? What does the customer support look like if something goes wrong? How much does the company share with their customers moving forward?

Look to work with companies that pride themselves on client-centric model and providing consistently excellent customer support.

Certain: The Right Team

Strong, From The Start

At Certain we ensure a well-defined and easy to follow implementation process. This process can be onsite or virtual and is led by the best experts on our Professional Services Team. We train all of the intended users ourselves and spread the trainings into multi-day processes to ensure it sticks.

For long-term results, we offer Certain University – a robust set of training webinars and videos that enable customers to refresh their Certain skills and keep up-to-date on new features, as well as capabilities that may not be being utilized.

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Dedicated Success Manager

At Certain, each customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who is not only comprehensively familiar with their business, but also knows how Certain can help foster growth. These proactive and responsive CSMs come from a pool of industry experts with years of experience in event solutions and partnering with customers to drive results.

Handling It Right When Things Go Wrong

If issues do arise, Certain is always transparent with their customers. Certain lets the customer know immediately, and shares what corrective measures will be taken to solve the issue. Once a root cause is established, it is shared with the customer along with newly established long-term preventative measures.

Into the Future

As Certain continues to grow and improve, we keep out customers informed. We see our clients as partners, and always want them to know what is going on within our company. Certain issues a monthly customer newsletter to give insights into product enhancements and upgrades. We also have regular Quarterly Business Reviews with our customers to share changes and what the best practices are to improve that customer’s individual basis.

Here at Certain, we believe we are the best tech in the game. But as our CMO pointed out, the team can be just as important as the tech. Luckily for us, we really feel like customer support is in our DNA. At Certain, our clients come first and we prove it every day through thorough implementation, proactive customer service, and total transparency.

We pride ourselves on being the right tech AND the right team.

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