Mastering the Art of Meaningful Engagement in 2019

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Marketers today have the ability to communicate quick and often, with any and all customers and targets. Whether that communication happens via email, mobile, the web, ads, social media… marketers have no shortage of options when it comes to how they reach people.

All of these touchpoints mean, of course, that there is a lot more data available to marketers and sales teams than ever before. The statistics can be overwhelming: in the last two years alone, 90 percent of the world’s data was created. Today we send 16 million text messages every minute and receive over 103 million emails during those same 60 seconds.

Essentially, people are constantly creating and receiving information, and customers are always in communication with brands – whether they want to be or not. With all this data creation, this past year has been about how to collect and make sense of it all. We saw companies rapidly adopt the new digital technologies and channels available to them, whether that meant offering a mobile app or online personal chatbot for shoppers to interact with.

Now, however, as we move into 2019 we’ll see companies take a step back and really start to champion the channels through which they are creating meaningful engagement. With all this access to information, we have to really fine tune what we’re doing with that knowledge. We predict that in the new year marketers will be pickier about how they communicate – picky about the platform, the messaging and their cadence. This will be the year that marketers truly begin to master the practice of meaningful engagement.

Quality Data is the Key

As data continues to be key to meaningful engagement, marketers will not only have the option to communicate any way they want, they will also leverage data to make that communication more personalized. In our world of B2B marketing and events, this will mean giving marketers the ability to gather useful data on event attendees, like capturing a data soundtrack throughout an event, enabling them to provide tailored experiences as an event unfolds. This data can also be used for more individualized follow-up, creating greater engagement at the top of the funnel, and driving real business results-like pipeline acceleration-from the middle of the funnel down.

2019 will be about businesses shifting their focus from data quantity to data quality. With this, marketers will have the power to break through the noise and build stronger, longer relationships with customers and business prospects.

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