Introducing Certain Signal: Connecting Events to Results

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By Jon Phillips, Vice President of Product Management

With Spring events season now in full swing, Certain has announced the release of our new premier integration solution, Certain Signal. Signal simplifies what has been traditionally a complex task—setting up the right integrations to ensure that the right event data flows to the right technologies in real time, triggering intelligent and personalized action.

Despite events playing a significant and growing role in B2B marketing strategies, companies are still struggling to deliver measurable return on their investment. Signal allows companies to realize greater value and business results from their events by creating meaningful, personalized engagement with event attendees by providing real-time data. As a result, marketing and sales teams are able to take intelligent, immediate action on data captured before and during an event.

Hyper-targeting based on attendee type and engagement

With Signal, you can look at how different types of attendees are engaging with you across a series of events to deliver more intelligent marketing.

For example:

  • One of our customers uses Signal to identify what type of attendee is attending what sessions within their events.
  • They’ve identified a correlation between senior level (VP and above) attendees that are attending a specific session on one of their products at a higher percentage than the rest of their attendees.
  • Using this intelligence, they’ve tweaked their messaging and entered those attendees into a dedicated nurture track serving up content that is related to that specific product.

As a result, they’ve seen increased engagement (higher click-through rates) and a higher number of leads turn into opportunities from this segment.

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Enabling sales to be more personalized

With Signal, your event data gets shared in real time with other technologies in your sales and marketing ecosystem.

For example:

  • One of our customers has connected Certain to their instance of Slack via Signal.
  • Whenever a prospect on their list of target accounts checks into their event and various sessions, their sales team is immediately notified via Slack.
  • This provides the sales rep an opportunity to either seek out and greet this individual personally, or send an email to welcome to the event or tailor an email based on what sessions the prospect is attending at that event.

The sales rep can reach out to that prospect with more relevant, timely content and the prospect appreciates the more personal touch.

As a result, they’ve seen greater engagement from these prospects and an uptick in opportunities created.

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Using Signal to inform intent/lead scoring

With Signal, you can identify every interaction a specific prospect or customer has with you across your entire events program. Events are a channel where prospects are often showing the highest intent signals.

Customers are using Certain and Signal to capture event data that informs their lead scoring in their marketing automation system.

  • When a prospect registers for an event, Signal will—in real time—pass this information to their marketing automation system, which then assigns a score.
  • If they register for multiple events within a year, their score doubles. If they attend a session they get additional points.

As marketers work to navigate the enormous amount of data collected during the events cycle, finding the right tools to help deliver quality, actionable data has never been more important. Certain Signal filters out the noise, allowing your sales and marketing teams to take intelligent action on event data that is truly meaningful and relevant.

Engage your most important prospects and customers with relevant offers in real time. Notify your sales team of prospect and customer intent signals. With Certain Signal, you’ll be able to deliver a truly personalized attendee experience. Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo of Certain Signal.

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