10 Awesome Infographics About Event Management

We love infographics almost as much as we love event management. Infographics can be a great way to learn because they blend images and facts and pare them down to a minimum. Here are some of our favorites related to event management.

1. Green Events and Exhibits

Going green is possible in all elements of an event, from planning to marketing, exhibits to giveaways. This infographic from MC2 designs presents inspiring ideas for creating an eco-friendly and cost-saving exhibit program.

2. The Roadmap to a Successful Event

Kapow Events gathers together the core components of the stages of an event – before, during, and after – to create this easily readable and informative-packed infographic.

3. Event Marketing from A to Z

If you want your event to be a success, you have to let people know the event exists, and then convince them to attend. This infographic from Hubspot offers step-by-step methods for successful event marketing with a focus on social media promotion.

4. The Anatomy of a Perfect Event

Media Bistro’s AllTwitter produced this infographic which zeroes in on the event experience, offering advice about how to make all the right moves to produce a successful event and satisfied attendees.

5. Anatomy of an Effective Event Website

An event is only as successful as its designated event website. This infographic from the Event Manager Blog outlines the must-dos for event managers online, including streamlining online registration, making your event website mobile-friendly, and using blogging to your advantage.

6. Can Appointments Redefine Event Success?

There is a new way to measure event success – and it goes far beyond attending a ton of sessions, staying under budget, and producing dozens of leads. We designed this infographic to address the role of face-to-face meetings in driving business value at events. It presents statistics and information to support the integration of pre-scheduled meetings and appointment matching with event management technology to redefine event success.

7. Sample Social Media Plan for Events

If you aren’t harnessing the power of social media, your event won’t be as awesome as it could be. Marketo gathers together the ultimate social media event marketing checklist in this infographic.

8. Event ROI and Measurement Trends

Return on investment is crucial for every event manager (and every event attendee, for that matter). Are you measuring the right things and gleaning data that can actual help your future events, or are you just spinning your wheels? This infographic from Global Experience Specialists gets down to details.

9. The Real Cost of an Event App

There’s an app for everything these days – and that’s because apps are convenient and information packed. Apps are ideal for events, but it can be tough convincing some managers that they can afford the cost. This Guidebook infographic argues the case.

10. The Many Faces of the Business Conference Attendee

This entertaining infographic from Mindflash presents a funny look at conference attendee personalities—everyone from the Gadget Geek to the King Pen CEO.

Have we missed any of your favorite event-related infographics?

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