Scale Your Events in Under 5 Minutes with Oracle Eloqua and EventStream

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Learn Advanced Lead and Event Engagement Scoring Best Practices In Our Oracle Eloqua User Group

What if you could scale your events and launch an event marketing campaign in only five minutes in Oracle Eloqua? Sounds too good to be true? Launching events and creating highly targeted marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be time-intensive, difficult work. We’ll show you how to implement these types of campaigns in minutes at our Oracle Eloqua User Group. Come to Certain’s headquarters on August 4th and we’ll provide you with marketing shortcuts and best practices to maximize the efficiency of your event marketing workflow.

With Certain’s new product, EventStream, all of your events can “live” on one platform, enabling marketers to make event campaign changes on the fly and take care of all aspects of your campaign on just one platform. Certain’s Oracle Eloqua User Group will also highlight lead nurturing and marketing automation best practices, and how to use EventStream to optimize your event marketing campaigns.

We invite you to come watch Tim Schmanski, the Chief Solutions Architect and I demonstrate how to utilize rich campaign templates in Oracle Eloqua to launch fully-integrated event marketing campaigns even faster. For example, with EventStream you can set-up your templates in advance, and plug-in new content with the campaigns already scheduled and automated, saving marketing teams hours, if not days, of time.

Without templates, you’re reinventing how the registration process works, how the invites work, and that’s a lot of time planning. With EventStream, you don’t need to use multiple systems — you can do everything in Oracle Eloqua and have access to all your lists, event information, and registration. In other words, you don’t need to have technical expertise in event automation because you can develop and launch your campaigns inside Oracle Eloqua.

Benefits of EventStream include:

  • Quicker and easier marketing automation workflow
  • Template-driven best practices and branding
  • Increased productivity and time savings

So, what can you expect to learn at next week’s Oracle Eloqua User Group? Here are some EventStream features that will help marketers seamlessly integrate on and offline marketing campaigns:

  • EventStream enables marketers to manage all aspects of their events in Eloqua without ever having to login to Certain
  • Marketers can easily launch pre, during, and post-event nurture campaigns within Oracle Eloqua, using rich campaign templates
  • Events and their corresponding campaigns can be launched within their marketing automation system

In addition to learning about how EventStream can make your event workflow even more efficient, Ali Head, Eloqua Master at Tegrita, will be demonstrating advanced lead and engagement scoring strategies and how to nurture prospects during all stages of the event lifecycle. Ali will cover how to capture valuable buying signals and attendee data like:

  • Event registrations and attendance
  • Booth visits
  • Appointments, demos, and other meetings
  • Session registrations and attendance

Ali will then show Oracle Eloqua users how capturing all of this data in your event automation system enables marketers to highly target their customers and prospects and move them along the buyer’s journey. You’ll learn email marketing best practices and how to create omni-channel campaigns that convert attendees into customers.

After you’ve heard from the experts, we’ll head over to Novela Bar, a literary themed bar, where you’ll network with your talented peers and have a novel time. Drinks on us!

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