Why You Need an Event Technologist

event technologist

As technology continues to change the events industry, organizations can no longer rely on planners to handle everything. They need an event technologist to help find the right technology and simplify their event management process. Virtual and In-person events produce boundless amounts of data that accumulate even before registration. It’s important that your event data is managed properly for greater engagement and revenue.

Additionally, hybrid events are expected to remain the event format of choice for data-driven companies. According to Marketing Charts, 50.7% of event executives believe that in the future all live events will have a virtual dimension to them – in other words, they’ll be hybrid.

Event planning teams will need to prepare for onsite events but provide a virtual option for participants. Hybrid events require skills in both virtual and onsite formats. Therefore, teams need a point-person with the technological acumen to translate what’s available and how to use it effectively. Let’s find out why you need an event technologist.

What is an Event Technologist?

An event technologist has a thorough awareness of the technology ecosystem and a solid grasp of the event planning and execution process. Event technologists can significantly offset the expenses by identifying savings and reducing unanticipated and consequential costs. They can also help you create a better registration experience that fully engages all your participants. The responsibilities of an event technologist can include:

  • Vetting platforms to ensure your tech investment is worthwhile
  • Determining the best and latest event technology on the market
  • Managing virtual and hybrid events
  • Managing mobile event apps
  • Researching improved registration software
  • Integrating event databases
  • Troubleshooting technology during events
  • Engaging with virtual attendees during an event
  • Tracking event data and statistics post-event
  • Analyzing event performance to advise changes for future events

The Benefits of Having an Event Technologist

A key contributor to the success of your event is the event technologist. An event technologist sources a tech stack to be used across numerous events and teams, considerably streamlining logistics and cutting costs. As a result, you’ll need less onboarding and gain a uniform set of tools. Event technologists also help streamline and improve communications s with vendors about unique use cases. Additionally, organization can gain from having dedicated person to coordinating event requirements with technology in order to meet KPIs. Planners gain a valuable partner who empower them to focus on the many other facets of the job. Event technologists offer numerous benefits by supporting the event organization and execution, including:

  1. Technological Expertise: Event organizers can have their own IT department with an event technologist. They focus on technological fields that you probably don’t have the time for.
  2. Enhanced Data: An event technologist can increase ROI by providing guidance on how to get significant data, demonstrating how to analyze it, and determining how to use it.
  3. Reduced Workload and Stress: The stress and complexity of your event technology requirements can be decreased by having an event technologist on your team.
  4. Reduce Costs: To help you determine how much money to spend on your event, an event technologist may assist you in reviewing various AV providers, platforms, and approach alternatives.

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