How Event Intelligence can Improve Attendee Experience

event intelligence improves attendee experience

Event Intelligence is becoming more important than ever, particularly as the latest event technology providers offer more powerful, flexible tools that are also easily scalable. Event Intelligence offers important actionable attendee insights that marketers can act on before, during and after an event.

It helps them gain more visibility into their global events of all sizes and formats.This allows them to evaluate success and recognize areas of improvement throughout their entire event life cycle. In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at how event intelligence can help marketers drive better attendee engagement, results and greater revenue.

Increases Attendee Engagement

Event Intelligence has been a powerful asset in improving communication and participation with attendees. The more you know about your audience, the better prepared you can be with connecting with them. With real-time analytics, post-event reporting, and integrations with CRM, marketers can improve event ROI, conversions and enrich buyer data across the entire buyer journey.

You can strategically come up with what resonates with them before, during and after your event. Chatbots are another way that AI is powering better attendee communication. They can provide a natural and convenient support experience while requiring fewer resources from the event holder.

Allows More Personalization and Recommendations

Event intelligence can help you figure out on and recommendations for event attendees. Having event attendees fill out a survey about their interests before the event, allows you to match them with the sessions or content that most closely match their profile.

Harnesses The Power of Event Data

Event Intelligence isn’t something that just kicks in during the event, it can gather and analyze attendee data throughout the event. By collecting data, you can improve future events and engagement to ensure an excellent experience at your next event. Audience feedback is important, and you should have the tools at your disposal to assess them.

For example, you could use Event Intelligence tools to assess the percentage of sign-ups who attended the event, the length of time each person watched certain sessions, what companies they represented, how active they were on chat, and other such metrics. These could provide valuable insights to help improve future events.

Reduces your Event Costs

Event Intelligence is a powerful cost-saving tool for marketers for many reasons. It can automate many of the tasks that otherwise would need to be required by an actual person. It can also offer signals that can help marketers get a This means that – both now and in the future – Event Intelligence will help event organizers save on event costs.

Choose the Right Event Intelligence Technology

Event intelligence is about answering specific questions tied into specific objectives in the easiest, fastest, and most cost-efficient way possible. Look for a turn-key Event Intelligence solution that you can simply plug into your event data and have access to powerful insights in a short amount of time.

Make sure your choice of Event Intelligence technology has a Mobile event apps. Not only can mobile event apps integrate with other event planning technology, but event apps also allow you to collect attendee feedback. Through polling technology, you can survey attendees in real-time during any part of your event. Surveying your attendees live during your event will allow you to better gauge how they find your event and allow you to make changes in real-time.

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