Event Expert Series: Continuing Education Credits

By: Taylor Sisk
Expert: Maggie West

In this blog series we ask internal feature experts to do a deep-dive look at some of our most popular features and how they are being used to their fullest potential.

A quality mobile event app maximizes both convenience and opportunity. A perfect example of the intersection of the two is an enhanced continuing education credit feature, and Maggie West of the Certain Touchpoint account management team wants you to appreciate how easy it is to offer this much-used feature.

“It’s simple, it’s paperless and it’s in real time—you can chart your progress as you go,” Maggie says. “It’s all so easy to do.”

Event planners can assign one or more credit types and amounts to any session. The app allows you to separately track multiple types of credits toward different certifications or other goals, then you decide how your attendees gain the credits.

“Maybe all that you require of your attendees is that they do a simple check-in, using the app, or you might ask them to enter a code that verifies their attendance,” Maggie explains. “Or maybe you require them to complete a survey, also within the app. It’s your call.”

With Certain Touchpoint, no external software is needed to take full advantage of this feature—it’s integrated directly into the app.

“Tracking CE credits used to be such a cumbersome task, a paperless solution really simplifies the process.” Badge scanners are no longer needed. Manual check-ins are a thing of the past.

‘Additional motivation’

Many of Maggie’s clients have found that real-time credit tracking serves as a catalyst. The app displays a graph that allows attendees to keep track of progress toward their goals, and it provides reports to planners so that they can likewise monitor progress. Attendees can also request a report at any time.

“It’s done live—your attendees can see the progress they’re making,” Maggie says, “which I think serves as additional motivation to go for more.”

A printable PDF certificate can then be provided to credit earners. The certificate can be requested from the app or sent from the event app content dashboard, and it can be customized with a logo, signature or personal note.

“Tracking CE credits used to be such a cumbersome task,” Maggie says. “A paperless solution really simplifies the process.” Badge scanners are no longer needed. Manual check-ins are a thing of the past.

“I just think a paperless solution is a huge advancement, and I’m making sure that all my clients know that it’s available. It’s going to save you so much time.”

With simple set up, multiple credit types, customized certificates and automatic tracking, this real-time, paperless continuing education credit feature is at the nexus of convenience and opportunity.

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