Best Mobile Event App Use Cases, Part One: External Events

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In this day and age, it is a foregone conclusion that the vast majority of interactions we have on a daily basis are done virtually, with both parties behind a screen or typing out words on digital devices. One of the great shortcomings of these types of interactions are that they are stripped of so much of what makes interactions uniquely human; personalities become two-dimensional, emotions and passion fail to be communicated, and intentions are notoriously difficult to read when it comes to these digital interactions (no matter how many emoticons or GIFs are at one’s disposal!).

This is why face-to-face events and meetings are absolutely crucial to your company’s success, no matter how cutting-edge you may desire to be when it comes to technology. You want something to bridge the gap between the down-to-earth authenticity of face-to-face interactions and the convenience and practicality of digital solutions. One great solution to this dilemma is the event mobile app. Event apps take everything that is good about both sides and combines it into one dynamic package.

The number of ways in which an event app can be leveraged to accomplish your company’s event objectives are unending, especially as technological development continues to accelerate. This blog series will examine five different types of events that an event mobile app can maximize: customer-facing events, talent development and leadership meetings, continuing education, sales kickoffs and rewards trips, and partner meetings.

To get us started, we’ll take a look at three types of external events where an event app can be utilized to help move your business forward.

Customer-Facing Events

Customer-facing events are absolutely critical to your company’s continued success and growth. Once again, this is where the personal element really shines. It is estimated that face-to-face interactions with clients are 34 times more successful than email in generating more real revenue.

Face-to-face events allow your company to better understand your customer’s desires and needs and to provide more tailored solutions, and mobile apps facilitate this company-customer relationship in more ways than one. Certain Touchpoint aims to facilitate powerful, personalized engagement with customers by:

  • Enhancing networking
  • Expanding communication
  • Sharing learning
  • Driving participation

Within those objectives, there are numerous ways that your business can leverage an event app system to generate results. For example, with Touchpoint, Certain’s award-winning event app, attendees can use the activity feed feature to share photos, videos, posts, and comments on specific speakers, exhibitors, or sessions, creating an event-specific social media and networking environment that makes it easier for your customers to share their experiences and connect with you and with one another.

You can take the personalization element one crucial step further by providing content within the app that is specifically tailored to individual attendees or groups of attendees. The event agenda, information items, documents, push notifications and messages, and more can all be personalized to specific groups of attendees.

A good example of this was a recent tech fair put on by a major company which is both a leading industrial automation and information technology provider and a Touchpoint customer.

This company leveraged the activity feed feature, as well as the personalization tools offered by Touchpoint, and translated them into a widely successful event that saw over 2,000 attendees accessing the app (92.5% of registrants logged in and used the app!), all with a uniquely tailored app experience that provided each and every app user with a personal schedule that incorporated the sessions they had signed up for during registration.

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Partner Events

Another great opportunity to enhance events by utilizing an event app is partner meetings. Clearly, having regular organized events can work wonders for relationships with partnering companies, and can generate valuable collaboration that allows each organization to provide its customers with the most robust service possible.

A recent exciting development within the Touchpoint system is the pages feature, which allows you, as the event coordinator, to include personalized welcome letters within the app for each event attendee. Make each participant in your partner meetings feel warmly welcomed by including an in-app page for them that highlights key details of their trip such as airport pickup times and hotel check-in and check-out times – again, all personalized to accommodate each participant’s specific schedule.

From an organizational standpoint, the 1×1 meetings module allows you to coordinate multiple concurrent small group meetings with ease and include each of these meetings within participants’ personal schedules in the app – complete with the meeting location, a list of the meeting’s attendees, and push notifications to gently remind app users of an upcoming meeting or of a change to their meeting time.

Continuing Education

As valuable as continuing education conferences and seminars can be, we know that it can also be challenging to manage from an organizational standpoint. Luckily, Touchpoint includes an enhanced continuing education credits functionality that simplifies and streamlines this process for you.

As the event planner, the app allows you to simultaneously track multiple types of credits towards different certifications, with attendees earning these credits in various ways (checking in to a session on the app, or entering a predetermined code, for example).

This keeps motivation high for your attendees as they can access a personalized, real-time credits-earned graph within the app and receive their certificates at the end of the conference. And as the event planner, you will be able to access detailed reports of credit activity for all of your attendees by accessing Touchpoint’s online content management system and downloading detailed reports.

With all the ways that businesses are leveraging event apps to drive their customer and partner relationships to the next level, it’s no wonder that 91% of event planners report seeing a positive return on investment from event apps. But what about within the organization? Check back in for part two of our series, where we’ll explore two additional use cases where companies can employ an event app to drive engagement, learning objectives and overall employee morale.

Want to learn more about Certain Touchpoint? Contact us today to setup a demo and see what our award-winning event app looks like in action.

Written by Bethany Stewart, APAC Account Manager, Certain

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