12 Ways Your Event App Can Delight Sponsors and Increase ROI

Sponsors and exhibitors are crucial to the success of many conferences and events. As an event planning professional, you’ll want to make those key partners happy and keep them coming back year after year. You can do it with a solid strategy for helping them get the most from your event.

Mobile technology has transformed the way event planners market their events and create opportunities for their sponsors.

Incorporating sponsors and exhibitors into your mobile technology strategy can help optimize your key sponsors’ return on investment. Use the mobile app to promote your sponsors, boost their engagement with event attendees, drive traffic to their booths and connect them with new leads.

If you choose, you may charge a fee for sponsors to get extra capabilities in your app or get an exhibitor to sponsor the entire app. Many times, app sponsorships will more than cover the cost of the hosting organization’s event app.

Get the most out of your mobile technology to attract and delight sponsors. Consider some of these ideas for boosting the sponsorships in your mobile event app.


  1. Rotating images on event app home page
  2. Website-linked banner ads on sponsored agenda sessions
  3. Company logo, contact info, detailed description and links
  4. Attached brochures and presentations
  5. Sponsored video
  6. Company logo on the live polling display screen
  7. Unique portal enabling sponsors and exhibitors to upload and edit their own content

Connect & Engage

  1. Exhibitor attendees with photos and contact info
  2. Sponsored image in photo feed
  3. Targeted attendee messages approved by event planner and sent on behalf of key exhibitors

Drive Traffic, Acquire Leads & Increase ROI

  1. Badge-earning activity game to drive attendees to sponsor booths
  2. Attendee badge scan capability to gather contact info, rate and make notes to qualify the lead

Angie Sloan, Certain

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