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Published in Event Automation category on (03/29/2016)

How to Define Your Marketing and Event Automation Readiness for Event Success


With 3,874 different types of marketing technologies, the marketing technology space is exploding. Now, more than ever, marketers are purchasing software designed to help them be successful, but do they have the proper resources, infrastructure, or processes in place to ensure success? According to the Marketing Automation Trends Survey, 52% of marketers say their most significant barrier to marketing automation success is the lack of an effective strategy.  

So how do you create an effective strategy to determine success for your marketing and event automation systems? While the platforms that you choose matter, the key to achieving Event Success is having detailed planning in place, the right people in charge of implementation, and a big-picture view of what your company is trying to achieve.

Do you currently have the proper practices and processes in place so that you can reach your goals? This is where our Event Automation and Readiness Quiz comes in.

Any data-driven marketer knows the value of automating repetitive tasks and eliminating operational inefficiencies. But integrating your marketing and event automation systems do more than this: it enables marketers to have a full-line of sight into all stages of the event lifecycle. When your marketing and event automation systems are in-sync, you capture rich attendee insights, which increase the amount of qualified leads in your sales and marketing pipelines, driving measurable results.

So the real question is: are you ready to integrate your marketing and event automation systems?

In our Event Automation and Readiness Quiz, we will ask you: what are best practices for integrating your marketing and event automation system? How are you currently using your marketing and event automation system, and how do you and your company stack up against other industry leaders?

After taking this quiz, you’ll have a better idea of how to segment and target your audience, engage in timely follow-up, and how marketing and event automation can work together to convert leads and drive revenue. Take this 1 minute quiz for your chance to win 2 tickets to the Oracle Modern Marketing Experience in Las Vegas! All you have to do is answer all 12 questions, fill out our form, and share our quiz on social media with the hashtag #EventAutomation to win big!