Pre-Scheduling Appointments Is Hard. Dealertrack Proves it Doesn’t Have to Be [Video Case Study]


Meet Your Sales Goals 10x with Event Automation

Picture this: you’re exhibiting at one of your largest revenue-generating events of the year and your check-in time exceeds two minutes and the line at your booth is 20 people deep. Your check-in process is slow, leading to a backup of your pre-scheduled appointments.

Slow check-in creates a stressful environment for your attendees, booth staff, and sales team, and negatively affects the user experience. So how can you optimize your check-in process at crucial events to maximize sales and marketing opportunities? Dealertrack, the largest automotive solution provider faced this exact problem. However, by leveraging Certain’s Event Management Software, Dealertrack decreased event check-in time by 50% and easily reached their aggressive sales goals.

Wouldn’t we all like to have the insider knowledge to increase our event appointments by 25%? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Steve Arentzoff, Senior Director of Demand Generation at Dealertrack, was able to provide a quick and seamless check-in process and effortlessly manage 900 pre-scheduled appointments and hundreds of walk-in appointments at National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) Expo Connect Conference, which attracts 22,000 attendees annually.

But first, let’s look at the complex issues that Arentzoff faced in order to have a successful event. To give you an idea of the sheer volume of this event, Dealertrack’s booth spanned 10,000 square feet and contained 64 demo stations and 15 meeting rooms.

dealertrack highlights

Before using Certain, Dealertrack’s check-in time averaged over 5 minutes to process, and Arentzoff was determined to reduce check-in time and improve the user experience. Demo stations would remain unused because prospects waiting in line for pre-scheduled appointments had yet to be checked-in. By partnering with Certain and Expo Logic, Arentzoff decreased check-in time and delivered a seamless attendee experience.

“We really approached this from the ground-up working with Certain. They designed a custom interface specifically built for our needs. There really haven’t been any solutions in the marketplace for us to be able to deliver that very high volume, very high-efficiency system that allowed us to check guests in and marry that with a calendaring system and with the integration to the sales system. We were very pleased,” said Arentzoff.

With Certain Event Automation and Oracle Eloqua marketing automation systems fully integrated, Arentzoff collected and managed attendee data efficiently, utilized it for future marketing campaigns and cross-sell opportunities, and then tracked that data via their marketing automation system for the entire event lifecycle. Certain’s Event Automation enable Arentzoff to provide rich analytics to demonstrate Event ROI to the senior leadership of Dealertrack.

In our video case study, learn how Dealertrack leveraged Certain’s Event Automation to:

  • Increase pre-scheduled event appointments by 25%
  • Manage 900 pre-scheduled appointments and hundreds of walk-in appointments
  • Check-in attendees in under 30 seconds
  • Execute an event with over 22,000 attendees effortlessly
  • Cut down the check-in time by 50% and improve the attendee experience
  • Provide detailed reporting and analytics that sync with their marketing automation system to demonstrate event ROI

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