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Technology is a key ingredient in planning and executing successful events of all types and sizes from large conferences to smaller, recurring events and everything in between. Event management software saves time spent on manual tasks, increases productivity, seamlessly captures event data and offers meaningful insights and helps prove event ROI.

While you can invest in various pieces of technology that can meet your immediate event needs, there are all-in-one platforms that offer everything you need when planning an event. The benefit of a platform as opposed to piecemeal solutions comes down to integrations, centralization of event data and insights. When researching and analyzing event management software, there are many options to consider depending on your event goals.

What to Look for in an Event Technology Provider

When it comes to finding the right solution to manage your events, the trick is to look beyond logistics and to identify the features that lead to quality, actionable data and real-time buyer insights from your events. We put together this list of ten key features to consider when looking for the best event management platform for your business.

Below, we’ll break down different solutions that are part of an end-to-end event management platform that help you at every stage of the event.

  1. Custom Event Design & Branding

    Working with a solution that offers fully branded event design and white-label branding enables you to put your brand front and center, from your website to event App.

  2. Agenda, Session & Speaker Catalogs

    The best event software empowers users with seamless agenda, session and speaker catalogs. Brilliantly designed catalogs allow you to showcase your program, sessions and speakers while offering attendees easy and seamless access to your events.

  3. Registration

    Look for event technology that that recognizes the importance of first impressions. Invest in a solution that helps you make a great first impression while collecting valuable data and offering amazing registration experiences for your attendees.

  4. Marketing & Communications

    Choose a technology that offers event automation. Automate your event communications throughout the event with branded, personalized email templates that include attendee schedules, “add-to-calendar” and “join” links.

  5. Virtual Session & Content Capabilities

    Your event software should allow for live and on-demand video content that’s easily accessible via the agenda, session catalog, event app and email join links. The best event software also enables you to integrate with your third-party video or webinar vendors if needed.

  6. Integrated Event Engagement App

    Host a truly interactive experience with an event app that offers surveys, live polls, discussion boards, gamification and more, AND syncs with attendee agendas for easy event access.

  7. Security & Privacy

    Choose a solution that allows you to remain compliant with data privacy and security regulations around the globe.

  8. Scalability

    Not every event is created equal, so choose a flexible platform that can meet your unique, diverse needs and support all event types and sizes.

  9. Real-time data & integrations

    Use an event technology that allows marketing leaders to capture and measure lead flow and revenue directly attributed to their global events. Connect all your event data with your sales and marketing technologies and use rich attendee insights for informed, real-time follow-up throughout the event cycle.

  10. Event Intelligence

    Use a platform that transforms your high-intend event data into actionable experiences, allowing you to take important actions to increase your event ROI.

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Finding an event management company that is right for you seems like a challenging task; however, with these tips you can find the right solution. At Certain, we provide everything you need to host virtual, hybrid and/or in-person events that offer personalized and highly engaging experiences. Choosing the right event technology can bring your global audiences together, increase engagement and result in more conversions and greater ROI.

To learn about Certain’s Event Management Platform, contact us to get in touch with one of our event experts.

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