Certain Presents the Event Marketing Benchmark Report, Spring 2017

benchmark report spring 2017

Understanding the State of the Event Marketing Landscape

A few weeks ago at the MarTech Conference in San Francisco, Scott Brinker presented the Stackie and Hackie Awards – the conference’s annual awards program for the best marketing stack illustrations and “marketing hack” essays, and events figured prominently in the marketing mix for the winning entries. The Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2017): Martech 5000 was also presented.

This annual depiction of the composition and growth of marketing technologies is highly anticipated by marketers of all stripes. But the ecosystem has grown so significantly that the information provided has become virtually indigestible, let alone unreadable. (Pass me a magnifying glass, please!)

So we’re here to break down the need-to-know facts and figures for all the event marketers who want a more detailed look into the event marketing landscape.

Certain is pleased to present the annual Event Marketing Benchmark Report, Spring 2017 edition. This report is designed to help you better understand the state of the event marketing landscape, providing insights and trends from a large sample of marketing decision-makers from enterprises with over 1000 employees who use events to drive their business.

We worked with independent researchers to record and interpret the data to discover trends in tools and technology, event tactics, objectives and measures of success. And we asked about the biggest challenges faced by event marketers. Unsurprisingly, the biggest was the ongoing challenge in prompt followup with clients and prospects – an essential no matter what the business.

Check out the report to see how events are used as a marketing tool, which tools are most important for event success, review the trends in event attendance and participation and see how enterprises evaluate the return on their investment in events.

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