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In today’s digital world, leveraging data gathered from event technology (like statistics) is the key to achieving higher ROI. Marketers can utilize new trends in event technology, like event apps and event automation, to increase attendee engagement, collect rich attendee data, and provide attendees with what they desire: an informative and enjoyable user experience.

Statistics on event technology provide marketers and event professionals with the information that they need to receive cross-department buy-in to purchase and utilize event technology. Additionally, understanding the event technology landscape is crucial to hosting a successful event and generating leads. By utilizing event apps and event automation, marketers can make events more engaging for attendees, collect rich data, and overall, see a higher event ROI. How’s that sound?

Generate Event Success Through Event Technology

Why is capturing data fundamental to launching effective marketing campaigns? As many of you know, events have become a crucial gear in the engine of B2B marketing. Events are where companies promote products and generate leads; and marketers can use them to gather data from multiple touch-points, e.g. real-time surveys, registration forms, event apps, and attendee check-ins. Generating leads is a great way to measure event success, and these touch-points allow marketers to develop targeted nurture campaigns for their prospects.

The implementation of event technology can help provide marketers the capability to bring in more qualified leads and accelerate sales. Capturing attendee data allows marketers to see what was, and wasn’t working during their event. Aspects like: which booths had the most traffic and why, or whether a session was well or poorly attended are a couple examples of collectible data that can help marketers create an even better event in the future, which can lead to higher ROI and lead generation.

Good Decisions Are Based on Knowledge

Event technology allows marketers to engage their attendees in ways that provide a lot of data. Polls, quizzes, and surveys are great ways to engage your attendees while still collecting data. These can be given during a session, which boosts attendee engagement at your event. Through event app technology, attendees can feel like they have a more intimate relationship with the product, speaker, and event.

As a modern marketer, having more knowledge and educating yourself on the trends that proliferate in the marketing landscape can be the difference between a good event and a great event. Learn from other people’s mistakes, take any information you can get about events and technology, and use it to develop an even more successful event.

Overall, there are new technologies available to help host events, which are creating massive amounts of data just waiting to be collected. This is great for marketers and event professionals because they can leverage that data to create more successful events in the future and develop a stronger relationship with prospects. Data is knowledge, and knowledge begets good decisions. So familiarize yourself with the following statistics, use them to your advantage — with them, your event ROI will flourish and your attendees will be happier. (Don’t worry, you can thank me later! 🙂 )

marketing an event

Event Planning

  1. 58% of event professionals said that attendance has increased at events throughout the years (Planningpod)
  2. 49% of planners use the internet to locate venues for their events (Losberger)
  3. 50% of B2B companies say the biggest challenge in throwing an event is getting people to respond to invites (Hubspot)
  4. 52% of B2Cs don’t charge to attend their events, less than B2Bs (Hubspot)
  5. 63% of marketers use 4 different types of events (Marketing Charts)
  6. 71% of event tickets are bought online (Bizzabo)
  7. 57% reported that venue rates have increased over time (Planningpod)
  8. 30.5% of event professionals plan 16+ events per year (Event MB)
  9. 89.9% of event planners book venues directly with the venue (Event MB)
  10. 83% of event professionals want fast, reliable wifi at their venue (Event MB)
  11. 63.4% of event professionals plan conferences (Event MB)

Marketing an Event

  1. 45% of marketing and communication professionals use event management to increase influencer engagement (Emarketer)
  2. 8.42% growth expected in the event management software market between 2016-2020 (Businesswire)
  1. 75% of marketers use email to promote their event (Hubspot)
  2. 55% of US marketers use real-time marketing tactics to promote their events (Emarketer)
  3. 86% of marketers use the phone as a channel to promote an event (Marketing Charts)
  4. 84% of event marketers say that email is the most effective event marketing channel (Marketing Charts)
  5. 14% of B2Cs plan and hold conferences (Hubspot)

Event App

  1. 88% of event professionals said using an event app had a positive impact on attendee satisfaction, a key metric. (Guidebook)
  2. 86% of event attendees rate an event app as a top three aspect that made their time at an event more enjoyable. (Guidebook)
  3. 44% of attendees use mobile event apps (Losberger)
  4. 41.7% of event professionals use live response apps during their events (Event MB)
  5. 52% of event professionals do not use event apps (Event MB)
  6. 78% of apps offer registration integration (Event MB)
  7. 25% of app administrators believe that at least a 50% download rate is required for a good ROI on an event app (Guidebook)
  8. 82% of event professionals reduced or removed paper printing by switching to a mobile app (Guidebook)
  9. 62% of planners say that the number 1 benefit of switching to a mobile app is the ability to instantly message attendees (Guidebook)

Attendee Engagement

  1. 70% of event attendees are highly motivated to visit an exhibition hall in order to see what’s new (PCMA)
  2. 55% of attendees ranked various event personalization features as “very important/extremely important” (Propared)
  3. 64% of event attendees think the ability to personalize their schedule during an event is very important (Marketing Charts)
  4. 48.6% of attendees will provide their email after participating in a quiz or poll (Kissmetrics)

Social Media

  1. 58% of US marketers use social media to engage their target audience during timely events as part of their real-time marketing engagement strategy (Emarketer)
  2. 40% of marketers use social media to promote an event (Hubspot)
  3. 77% of event marketers use social media as a main engagement strategy before an event (Kissmetrics)

event roi

Event Spend and Budget

  1. 20-25% of a company’s marketing budget gets spent on event marketing (Hubspot)
  2. 24% of event marketers find it “very hard” to secure budget for new event technologies (Guidebook)
  3. 40.5% of event professionals have a 100k or less budget for their events (Event MB)

Event ROI

  1. 82% of marketers consider Event ROI a valuable metric in defining event success (Certain Inc.)
  2. 34% of event marketers use new referrals and introductions, deal closure, value of sales, quality and quantity of leads, and upsell and cross-sell opportunities to assess trade show and event ROI (Marketing Charts)
  3. 36% of marketers believe that trade shows and events give them the highest ROI (Marketing Charts)
  4. 44% of the B2B media company industry receives the most revenue from events (Marketing Insider Group)
  5. 26% of marketers aren’t aware of how to integrate event and marketing automation for event follow-up and event ROI (Certain Inc.)

Event Success

  1. 71% of companies are using marketing automation in addition to event automation (Ascend2)
  2. 83% of corporate marketers say that events drive sales better than awareness (Chron)
  3. 42% of marketers believe that events are very important in the world of marketing (Marketing Charts)
  4. 33% of event planners are using cloud-based presentation tools during their events (Guidebook)
  5. 80-90% increase in attendance when using live response tools (Event MB)
  6. 84% of marketers say that attendee engagement solutions are the biggest trend in maximizing event success (Event Genioso)
  7. 64% of event marketers go to industry blogs and publications to find out about new event technology (Guidebook)
  8. 15.5% of marketers only collect data at check-in, missing out on 299 more points for data collection (Certain Inc.)

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