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How FinancialForce increased attendance and operational efficiencies for their global events.

Using Certain Event Automation, FinancialForce has been able to significantly reduce the time spent managing and executing their largest events, as well as provide a personalized and inspired experience for their attendees.

“The ability to provide a personalized and dynamic experience for our attendees is what we love most about Certain. We also appreciate the expertise they’ve brought in helping us meet our event marketing goals”.

Arya Bruno, Senior Field Marketing Specialist at FinancialForce


Finding the Right Fit

The Issue

FinancialForce runs large-scale, internal and external events across the US and Europe.

Before using Certain to manage their largest events, FinancialForce was constrained by an existing solution that lacked a strong integration with Marketo. The FinancialForce team had to manually upload leads and event attendee data directly into Marketo post event.


Working with Certain

The Solution

To better meet their event goals and unique requirements, FinancialForce needed a significantly more flexible solution that allowed them to easily update speakers and sessions, and to accommodate multiple forms based on different attendee type.

Most importantly, any solution FinancialForce employed needed to have a strong, native integration with Marketo so they could eliminate the manual entry required post event. Through Certain’s integrated event solutions, FinancialForce are now empowered with:

  • Dynamic fields and forms by attendee type
  • In-event attendee check-in and mobile
  • Post-event follow-up through a native integration with Marketo

Act on data captured at your events in real-time

As the leading cloud enterprise resource platform (ERP) for the new services economy, FinancialForce uses in-person events as a key way to generate demand for their products and unify their team.



Improved Efficiency & Flexibility

The Results

With Certain, FinancialForce could now send highly targeted event promotions with dynamic forms by attendee type. Through the custom questions and logic available in Certain, FinancialForce could create a highly personalized experience for anyone who was interested in attending their events.

Certain provides a much more flexible solution that allows FinancialForce to more easily make modifications to speakers and sessions when necessary. FinancialForce no longer has to manually extract, cleanse and upload data to Marketo. They can now trigger highly targeted, real-time campaigns from Marketo based on the attendee data captured in Certain.


Increased Attendance

A Game Changer for Global Events

Certain’s customer support and success experts also provide ongoing value and expertise to FinancialForce to ensure that their specific event needs are always met.

As a result of the partnership with Certain, FinancialForce has improved the efficiency of event creation and follow up. And through the use of personalized and targeted registration forms and promotion, FinancialForce has also seen a significant rise in the number of attendees at their events.

Certain Signal: Event Data in Action

The key to delivering a truly personalized attendee experience lies in quality data collected before and during an event. See how Certain's industry-first, real-time event data platform helps you navigate through high volumes of data in order to identify what really matters most to important prospects and customers.