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Size is no longer the decisive advantage in the emerging real-time business environment where the mass media has stopped dictating public discourse and when digital media has become embedded into our everyday lives. In the new post-digital marketing landscape, speed and agility win. In a post-digital world, where media has become fully digitized, everyone is a publisher and every brand a media company competing for audience mindshare.

Your prospects and customers are now drowning in a sea of irrelevant content by your competitors. Previously, 5 exabytes (that’s 18 zeros!) of content were created each day and over 27 million pieces of content were shared each day. Content thought leaders and data analysts are now predicting that content volume will increase 600% in the near future. We’re in the era social media expert Mark Schaefer has called “content shock” or “The emerging marketing epoch defined when exponentially increasing volumes of content intersect our limited human capacity to consume it.”

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