The Event Marketing Playbook: Engagement Strategy

To help you craft your event engagement strategy, this playbook pulls together B2B event marketing best practices, recommendations & tactics.

Events represent one of your biggest marketing expenditures and if executed well, they can also deliver some of the highest returns to the business. To help you maximize the ROI from your events, this playbook pulls together B2B event marketing best practices specific for your engagement
to streamline execution and improve results.

You’ve worked so hard to promote and drive registration for your event. How do you make sure that the right people actually attend? And once they show up, how can you ensure that they have a positive experience, learn more about your brand and gather the right information that helps them achieve their goals?

This playbook offers three essential steps for identifying your target attendees, finding the most effective channels for engagement, and recognizing what incentives will not only encourage but inspire engagement.

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