7 Seriously Simple Steps to Convert More Event Leads

The Marketer’s Cheat Sheet to Using Event Data for Better Lead Scoring & Nurturing

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Through events, you can build deep attendee profiles, measure engagement, and gauge interests. The information captured can help you not only track what attendees (prospects and customers who attend these events) are doing, but also understand what they’re really interested in.

In-person events offer an excellent opportunity for you and your sales team to learn a lot about your prospects and leads in a short, highly concentrated, period of time. The significant amount of data generated through even a single event has the potential to deliver far more meaningful insights to inform and drive your nurturing efforts.

More About 7 Seriously Simple Steps to Convert More Event Leads

By capturing attendee data and feeding it to your marketing automation platform efficiently, you can enrich your understanding of what is most likely to drive leads to the next step in their buying process. And you can act on this information to effectively convert more leads to customers through timely, personalized, and relevant nurturing. In this guide, you’ll discover strategies around:

  • Finding data sources
  • Leveraging personalization
  • Attendee lead scoring
  • And much more…

So, how can you use event data to convert more event leads to customers? Here are 7 seriously simple steps.

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