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Account-Based Marketing (ABM) as a practice is nothing new, but it’s enjoying new life amongst an up-and-coming class of digital marketers. In essence, ABM strategies allow your sales and marketing teams to work in better cohesion than ever before. So what’s not to love about ABM for events?

Any sales professional will likely have a bevy of complaints about their marketing counterparts, and vice versa. A great deal of that tension stems from a lack of communication between the departments, especially when dealing with the same accounts. With an ABM strategy, both sales and marketing are working in unison for a common goal, rather than each working separately with a much slower, and often smaller, ROI.

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You’ve probably read a million articles and blogs singing the praises of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), or at least mentioning its impact on the B2B marketing universe. But what is it really? What does ABM do differently than your current strategy? Is it right for your business or is it really just for those monstrous corporations with all of the resources imaginable?

The beauty of ABM is that it focuses your company efforts around the same goals and accounts. For events and field marketing initiatives, ABM can offer your team an advantage by providing focus, both of your internal resources and directing this towards your prospects, leading to higher close rates.

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