New Certain Conferences® Suite Enables Greater Business Results from Enterprise Events


SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Certain, the industry leader in enterprise event automation, today announced its newly redesigned Certain Conferences solution. With this new platform, marketers and event planners can manage large-scale events and conferences with ease, ensuring their speakers and attendees have a seamless experience while automating workflow and capturing valuable data to improve event outcomes.

Today’s largest conferences are naturally complex, expensive and highly visible. Marketers need to make a lasting impression on their conference attendees to extend their brand, increase engagement and drive key business results such as pipeline influence. With Certain’s newly improved and more flexible session catalog, reviewer portal, and call for papers features, marketers and event planners can be sure they are creating the best experience for their speakers while efficiently managing the content workflow from hundreds and thousands of sessions.

“Today’s conferences are not only getting bigger, but they are driving more impact for companies—from customer engagement to creating new business opportunities. To maximize event engagement, companies need a smart and intuitive solution that helps them connect all of the logistical dots that go into the successful planning and execution of an event with business outcomes,” said Peter Micciche, CEO of Certain. “Certain Conferences is the marketing and event planning one-stop shop to not only manage conference logistics, but also scale their events to create a strong, personalized attendee experience.”

Certain Conferences empowers enterprises to provide a state-of-the-art, tailored experience for their larger conference attendees, speakers and sponsors. With its latest upgrades, Certain Conferences does more to help enterprises execute events flawlessly and tackle the logistical hardships involved in these massive undertakings. With this, marketers can focus on providing the best possible experience for their events, which is proving to be a major contributor when it comes to delivering overall business goals.

“Using Certain for our large international event, NIDays, enabled us to more effectively manage event logistics, and ultimately provide a unique and personalized experience to both our attendees and our speakers,” said Helena Lewis, Marketing Operations and Technology Chief at National Instruments. “We’re now excited to implement these new enhancements for our largest event, NIWeek 2020.”

Certain Conferences is already used by a number of large enterprises to:

  • Save time and effort – Reduce the manual effort required to set up and manage large events. Marketers are able to easily build dynamic, brand-compliant event websites and session catalogs.
  • Increase personalization  Provide a tailored experience for attendees, speakers and sponsors through session recommendations based on attendee type, and unique experiences via the speaker portal based on attendees’ roles.
  • Easily manage speakers and sessions – Ensure event content is reviewed and published in a timely fashion by collaborating with speakers, assigning tasks and setting reminders through the speaker portal.

Certain Conferences is powered by Certain’s real-time event data platform, Certain Signal, to combine the high intent customer and prospect data captured from events with data from other channels to personalize marketing and sales outreach.

For more on what Certain Conferences looks like in action, check out our blog.


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