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Hybrid Events Platform for Trainings & Internal Events

Crush your internal event and training objectives

Internal events and trainings take just as much energy as external. Whether you need to support a rousing virtual kick-off for hundreds of employees, or you are setting up a multi-city training program, you need an event solution that can scale to meet your unique objectives.

Why Certain for your Trainings and Internal Events?

Use a solution that can flex to your unique event requirements

With Certain’s event experience platform, you can plan, manage and execute many different types of events across the globe while also delivering a truly secure and engaging experience for your employees.


Personalized Events

A seamless, tailored experience for attendees

Create a custom path for each member of your team, with quick and easy access to registration, content and more.

  • Use our dynamic registration forms to tailor the event experience by employee role, department, etc.
  • Offer quick and easy access to live and on-demand content through our digital content hub.
  • Send relevant info and recommendations based on attendee type



Event Engagement App

Create Memorable, Interactive Experiences

Get your teams interacting through dynamic content and engaging in-app experiences.

  • Encourage attendee-to-attendee interactivity with surveys, live polls and gamification
  • Provide a secure internal resource for sharing event photos, discussion boards and activity feeds
  • Offer customized agendas for each employee based on their respective needs and attendee type

Logistics & Travel

Take care of internal event logistics with ease

Let Certain handle all of the logistics heading into your events including registration, travel and accommodation and check-in.

  • Create branded event forms and websites
  • Manage travel, flight arrangement, hotel blocks and sub-blocks
  • Use Certain Check-In for fast and convenient check-in experiences


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