Certain's Security & Privacy

Unparalleled Security and Privacy

Organizations managing meetings and events on the web become responsible for properly managing the data they collect from participants, attendees, speakers, sponsors, and the like. Providing robust privacy and security policies, processes, and technology is key in order to gain customer trust and guarantee regulatory compliance. Certain is a pioneer in driving the adoption of the highest level of privacy and security throughout the events technology industry. Since 2004, Certain has been Visa Cardholder Information Security Program (Visa CISP) compliant, which eventually became the template for the Payment Card Industry standard. For six years in a row now, Certain has achieved PCI Service Provider Level 1 compliance. This is the highest level in the industry, and requires an annual on-site audit by a PCI approved Quality Security Assessor.

“Ensuring excellent information security and protecting the privacy of customer data separates Certain from the pack,” says John Correia, Vice President of Product Operations and Deployment. “Achieving Level 1 PCI version 2.0 compliance means we are willing to hold ourselves and our company up to the most precise and demanding industry standards.” As a meeting professional, choosing an audited PCI compliant vendor is crucial to success. Not only are there various penalties associated with using a non-PCI compliant vendor, but gateway access can also be terminated by Payment Card companies if the payment gateway isn’t compliant. “The top reason to pick a PCI compliant vendor is to protect your customers and brand,” says Correia. “Without the strongest protection possible for your customer’s data, the success of the event is in jeopardy.”


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