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Your End-to-End Event Experience Solution

Drive greater results, increase operational efficiency and create a wonderful attendee experience with Certain Platform.

Explore Certain Platform Features & Benefits


Pre-Event Registration

Capture more than just attendee contact info

With a fully customizable set of questions, the ability to incorporate logic, and Certain’s single-sign-on capabilities you can create a highly personalized experience for each of your attendees as part of the registration process.

  • Define ‘attendee types’ to display only what is relevant to specific attendees
  • Pre-populate data so attendees don’t enter information you already know
  • Offer suggestions for content, sessions & activities relevant to attendee type

Pre-Event Promotion

Build beautiful, brand-compliant websites to promote your event

Create fully branded event websites with easy-to-use templates and tools. The flexibility of Certain’s website builder allows you to ensure it meets the unique requirements of your event.

  • Promote all aspects of your event across multiple pages to ensure your attendees have all of the information they need
  • Personalize the attendee experience by creating multiple forms for a single event depending on attendee type
  • Schedule registration emails, session info, badges and reminders all from within Platform by Certain

Make Your Next Event Flawless

(And save time while you‘re at it.)


In-Event Check-In

Provide your attendees with a seamless check-in experience

Make a good first impression with your attendees by automating your check-in process.

  • Personally welcome VIP attendees by enabling text alerts to notify you when they arrive
  • Gain insight on session interest and attendance by using Certain Check-In at your sessions
  • Integrate Certain Check-In with badging to print badges immediately as your attendees check-in
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In-Event Experience

Create engagement and collect valuable data

Provide a tailored experience while also collecting useful information on your attendees while at your event.

  • Encourage attendee interaction and networking through the mobile event app
  • Capture data on sessions attended and booths visited to personalize your event follow-up
  • Use live polling and surveys to collect real-time feedback on your event

Post-Event Follow-Up

Trigger highly personalized follow-up

Generate greater demand while reducing the manual labor required in conducting event follow-up through Certain’s native integrations.

  • Share attendee data captured pre and during event with your marketing automation and CRM systems in real-time
  • Send personalized offers based on sessions attended, booths visited, or content downloaded at your event
  • Eliminate much of the manual work required to upload, download and scrub data—trigger campaigns within or immediately following your event

Global Scale

Manage all events in one platform

Not every event is created equal, so you need a platform that can meet your unique needs in supporting events of all sizes across the globe.

  • Provide a consistent experience across multiple events and geographies
  • Offer seamless access to video and streaming content through our integrations with Zoom, ON24, Bluejeans and more
  • Leverage pre-built templates to support the many events you have
  • Create registration forms, websites and emails in any language
  • Stay in compliance with data privacy laws across the globe

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Success Stories

Certain Platform for Event Management

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