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Event Data Management and Intelligence

  • Visualize, track, and optimize your global events of all types in real-time.
  • Offer personalized & highly engaging attendee experiences— at scale.
  • Take important actions to increase your event ROI.
  • Simplify event data processing with a turnkey solution.
  • Enable everyone on your team to make data-driven decisions.
  • Scale and configure events with unparalleled flexibility.
  • Get peace of mind with highest levels of data security, privacy & compliance.

Event Intelligence


Visualize & Track Performance of your Global Events

  • Get a powerful 360-view of every aspect of event registration, attendee engagement, programming, and life cycle through a unified event data platform
  • View attendance and engagement levels across a single or multi-session global events
  • See the performance of all events (virtual, hybrid & in-person) in one place
  • Gain a more complete picture at every stage of your event to maximize impact

Offer Personalized & Highly Engaging Attendee Experiences— at Scale

  • Deliver exceptional, data-driven experiences to drive your business forward
  • Dynamically visualize behavioral data across your entire event portfolio for every event type and size
  • Spark meaningful engagement at every stage of your event
  • Send personalized offers based on the insights on sessions attended and the content consumed to customize event follow-up

Take Important Actions to Increase Your Event ROI & Drive Better Business Outcomes

  • Understand and pro-actively influence engagement, attendance, and buying decisions – thereby improving participant satisfaction and event profitability
  • Fuel decision-making. View behavioral data across your entire event portfolio
  • Get actionable opportunities that will move your attendees to the next stage in your marketing funnel

Unify Data Across Your Entire Event Portfolio in One Place

  • Centralize event data to create a single source of truth and eliminate data silos
  • Seamlessly capture and analyze large sets of engagement data
  • Better understand registration, attendance, engagement data and more, across virtual, hybrid and in-person events – all in one platform

Simplify Event Data Processing with a Turnkey Solution

  • Powered by a robust event intelligence engine, we offer a powerful, turnkey solution that’s designed with your unique event data needs in mind
  • Tap into clean, streamlined data. No additional work necessary on your part
  • Pull the metrics you need. Visualize KPIs in a variety of ways. No code or design skills necessary

Optimize your Events for More Agile Decision-Making

  • Instantly optimize your event insights to inspire action that helps increase your pipeline
  • Measure your event performance, and demonstrate value – validate your team’s efforts and show impact
  • Plan insight-driven future events designed to boost the overall ROI

Scale & Configure Your Events with Unparalleled Flexibility

  • Manage your internal and external events with the most flexible events-focused platform that allows you to instantly go from one event to multiple sessions globally
  • Easily configured to meet your unique event requirements
  • Scale to support all of your events on one platform worldwide, from smaller, repeatable field events to your largest conferences
  • Get peace of mind with highest levels of data security, privacy, and enterprise compliance

Empower Your Whole Team to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Give your entire team [from event planners & marketing ops to your marketing execs] the ability to make data-driven decisions that help collectively achieve greater ROI

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