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Certain Event Intelligence

Analyze event performance and get a holistic view of all your global events, at a glance.

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Gain Insight into the Performance of All Your Events

Analyze and visualize event data from any source with our Event Intelligence software. We help you track and analyze your event data and send you signals to improve attendance, engagement, and revenue from your events.

Continuously Collect Data

We constantly gather your event data at every attendee touchpoint — before, during, and after the event — to give you a comprehensive view of performance across your entire event portfolio.

Analyze & Visualize Performance

Our software transforms your event data into meaningful insights, allowing you to identify patterns with easy-to-understand data representations.

Get Actionable Insights

We deliver rich attendee insights that you can act on to boost revenue and achieve your business goals.

Experience the Power of Event Intelligence

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Centralize ALL Your Event Data in One Place

Import event data from your whole ecosystem

With tons of pre-built connectors and a REST API, Certain Event Intelligence aggregates, streamlines, and makes sense of your data, no matter the source.

Create stunning views with zero code:

Our software unlocks more than 20 different kinds of visualizations, so you can focus just the right spotlight on your data.

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Reach Your Business Goals Using Data-Driven Recommendations

Get actionable insights in near real time

Certain’s world-class data engine is blazing fast, with bank-level security and data protection for true peace of mind.

Stay informed with smart notifications

Set up alerts that let you know when things are going well — and when they aren’t.

Track engagement all the way to the sale

By tying event data and results to actual sales, Event Intelligence helps you calculate your event ROI.

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