Transaction Pricing Policy

Certain, Inc. offers a scalable price model based on:

  • Product Subscription
  • SaaS Software Edition (Basic, Pro, Enterprise)
  • Transaction Volumes
  • Miscellaneous Services

The following policy outlines how transactions are calculated and how overages are invoiced.

Transactions Packages Ordered
Transactions are ordered at the time an agreement is executed and prepaid for an annual term. In the case where the number of Transactions actually used (“Usage”) exceeds the number of Transactions ordered during the term of the subscription, an event called an (“Overage”) occurs.

Certain PlatformTransactional items ordered can include:

  • Named User Accounts
  • Prepaid Event Transaction records
  • Marketing Emails using ‘Email Marketing’ capabilities
  • Meetings Requesters/Approvers
  • Additional components such as 1-to-1 appointment scheduling, mobile applications, and event views.

Transactional items are sold at a base price, which varies by Edition.

Transaction Usage
The following rules govern when Certain considers a prepaid transaction to be used. “Used” means that Certain will consider the prepaid transaction as expended and therefore decremented from available transactions for use during the remaining subscription period.

Certain Platform
Event Participant Transactions are used when a registration record is created in an event, and that registration record is marked as Completed resulting in ‘Reg Date Completed’ value being created. This action can result from an action by a user, or can result from automatic completion through use of a registration form by the Transaction.

The following records are not counted as used: Registrations marked as “Test”, Registrations without a ‘Reg Date Completed’ timestamp.

NOTE: Once a registration has been marked as ‘Complete’ and a ‘Reg Date Completed’ timestamp has been populated, that action cannot be undone by unmarking the registration as ‘Complete’.

The following records are not counted as used: Registrations marked as “Test”, Registrations never having been marked Completed.

Import allotment:Certain Platform subscribers are entitled to annual Import transactions and event transactions based on the number of participant transactions ordered and the deployment edition identified on the order form. The following table represents the entitlement:

EditionImport EntitlementImport Price
Pro Edition20 times participants in latest participant package purchase$.20 USD/import
Enterprise Edition20 times participants in latest participant package purchase$.20 USD/import

Customers may negotiate a less expensive rate for imports if their expected usage will dramatically exceed the import entitlements.

Named User Accounts are used when a user account is created within the system so that a person can log on in order to use the system. Users of type Administrator, Event Builder, and Registration Support are billable. Reports & Approval and Reports Only users do not count towards totals.

Overage Fees
Overage fees are charged on either a monthly or quarterly basis. Upon receiving an overage, customers will be billed for overage fees for the remaining duration of subscriber contract.

Overage rates are based on your last purchase order’s per-participant price + $1 (for US). For GBP, EUR, AUS, and NZD the +1 refers to the local currency.

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