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Event Registration Software

Streamline your event registration process

Personalizing your event starts by showcasing your brand and collecting valuable attendee information. Registration is the critical moment when an attendee commits to your event, and a smooth process facilitated by Certain’s event registration software will set the right tone.

Why Certain’s Event Registration Software?

Capture rich event attendee data

Attendee registration is an opportunity to not only make a great impression, but also to capture insightful information about your event attendees. Make your attendee experience as seamless as possible with Certain’s event registration software.


Personalized Experiences

Give that human touch before your event even begins

With a fully customizable set of questions and Certain’s single-sign-on capabilities you can create a highly personalized experience for each of your attendees.

  • Define ‘attendee types’ to display only what is relevant to specific attendees
  • Pre-populate data so attendees don’t enter information you already know
  • Offer suggestions for content, sessions & activities relevant to attendee type

Integrated Marketing Automation

The registration data your marketing automation needs

Data you capture as part of the registration experience will be synced in real-time to your marketing automation system. Trigger a personalized follow up message to each one of your attendees immediately after they have registered.

  • Sync data to your marketing automation and CRM systems
  • Follow up in real-time
  • Enrich existing customer and prospect data for a more holistic view


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