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Mobile Event App

Your event experience in everyone’s pocket

Your attendees rely on their mobile devices for just about everything when they’re on the road. The same applies when they attend your events. The mobile event app is your way of making meaningful connections with your attendees during an event.

Why Certain Touchpoint?

Certain Touchpoint’s Mobile Event App Delivers Unparalleled Attendee Engagement

Using a variety of point solutions for your events just creates data fragmentation and manual effort and time to consolidate. Time you could be spending on timely and valuable follow up with your attendees. Certain Touchpoint is integrated with the Certain Platform so all of your attendee data is in one place.


Mobile Event Hub

Centralize attendee access, updates and communication

Touchpoint’s customizable mobile event app allows attendees on-the-go access to:

  • Personal event agendas
  • Event venues and local points of interest
  • An up-to-date listing of event information, speakers, and other attendees
  • The ability to connect and interact with other attendees
  • An easy way to provide event feedback

Customer Engagement

Collect valuable feedback, when it’s actually valuable

Interact with attendees during the event to foster greater engagement.

  • Conduct live polling to better understand audience demographics, opinions, and expectations
  • Manage questions & answer sessions directly from the mobile app
  • Survey attendees about session quality while it’s still fresh in their minds


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