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Certain Inc.

Event Automation Software

Certain is the complete enterprise Event Automation software solution for data-driven marketers and event professionals.

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What is Event Automation?

Event Automation is a category of technology that has evolved from traditional event management software. It allows companies to automate, personalize, and measure event management and marketing activities, so they can increase marketing leads, sales pipeline, and revenue generated from events while also improving operational efficiency.

Event Automation technology provides functionality to help marketers optimize the impact of their event spend. A best-in-class solution will automate critical event management tasks, offer functionality to boost attendee engagement, capture rich attendee data, and provide insights to drive sales and marketing activities.

Who Uses Event Automation?

Users of Event Automation technology include individuals and teams responsible for marketing and planning of events.

The Marketing Team

Marketers use Event Automation to deliver personalized event experiences, capture deep buyer insights, and bring events into the digital marketing ecosystem. And they are able to increase revenue and leads from events.

The Events Team

Event professionals turn to Event Automation to scale events to the enterprise-level, while helping to deliver unique, branded event experiences that are personalized to each attendee.

Corporate Event Management Companies

Event Automation covers the essential task of event management, then takes it much further by helping event management companies capture deep attendee insights to help organizations drive more revenue.

Event Management vs. Event Automation

The emphasis of event management software tends to be directed to the activities required to plan, coordinate, and promote events. Event Automation does all of that but then goes a step beyond, putting events on the same playing field as other marketing activities by bringing data and insights to bear on marketing, sales, and ROI.

Event Automation is different because it:

  • Captures and digitizes information about how prospects and customers interact with events, every step of the way.
  • Connects data to marketing automation systems in the same way as digital marketing.
  • Enables marketers to measure and understand the relative impact of events on revenue.

Benefits of Event Automation

Users of Event Automation technology include individuals and teams responsible for marketing and planning of events.

Benefit #1: Increase Revenue

Through Event Automation, marketers can maintain sight of their prospects as attendees navigate through the event—before, during, and after. This insight can be used to better understand attendees and where they are in their buying process.

Data captured throughout the event can be used in lead scoring to drive targeted follow up campaigns. And attendee insights can be integrated into omni-channel marketing campaigns to enrich the entire marketing program. Finally, the right Event Automation technology will integrate with marketing automation and CRM systems to simplify the measurement of ROI.

  • Capture buying signals to increase conversions
  • Inform future sales and marketing decisions
  • Grow sales pipeline and accelerate the sales cycle
  • Improve overall marketing performance

Benefit #2: Engage Buyers

Customers and prospects want experiences that are tailored to their specific goals, needs, and place in the buying cycle. With Event Automation, organizations can more easily design and deliver personalized attendee experiences to increase brand loyalty and customer retention. Real-time data can be put to use to effectively guide attendees through the event lifecycle. And event experiences can be brought into the palm of the hand with built-in event mobile apps.

  • Attendees are more engaged with the event
  • The attendee experience is more satisfying
  • Brand awareness increase
  • Brand loyalty and customer retention increase

Benefit #3: Scale Your Events

Event Automation helps event professionals and marketers reduce redundant work, data entry, spreadsheets, and manual lead follow up. Available features help make flawless events a reality and frustrating manual tasks a thing of the past. With the right technology, users can clone past events to make subsequent events that much easier to organize. And users can more easily view and analyze event spend.

  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Scale and grow the event program across the enterprise
  • Save time, costs, and labor
  • Eliminate frustrating manual processes