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Solid from Start to Finish: Planning for Results-Oriented Events

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Presented By: Kristen Alexander, Chief Marketing Officer at Certain; Allison Snow, Senior Analyst, B2B Marketing at Forrester.

  • Marketing tactics to deploy before an event. Drive registration & measure success!
  • How to conduct real-time marketing at events to funnel highly engaged leads into nurture tracks
  • Smarter event follow-up (70% of marketers say they are not satisfied with the time it takes them to follow up with leads after an event)

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About this webinar

More than ever before, marketers are tasked with proving the ROI for all activities including events, which typically account for 30% of the budget. From field events like sales dinners to product roadshows and user conferences, events are a major contributor to business results like pipeline creation and influence, engagement and closed deals.

Event marketing is sometimes reduced to driving event registrations, but leading marketers are looking for ways to increase results across the spectrum from pipeline to close. In this webinar, guest speaker Allison Snow will talk through the smart marketing tactics you can employ before during and after events to drive better business results and how to tie those tactics back to ROI.