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Published in Event Automation category on (03/03/2016)

Event Automation: The New Fuel Igniting Your Data-Driven Marketing Machine [Infographic]

BMW may deliver the ultimate driving machine, but marketers are delivering that same type of power and excitement to  data-driven marketing campaigns by applying techniques fueled with rich engagement data to deliver highly personalized and engaging events to drive revenue. Like the driving machine that is fueled with gasoline, the ultimate marketing machine is fueled by data – from marketing automation databases rich with historical data, the system of record for marketers, to event marketing solutions, which capture attendee points of engagement from invitation to registration to interactions at the event. (Read More)

Published in Event Marketing category on (01/20/2016)

What the “Be Like Bill” Meme Can Teach Us About Events and Marketing Automation

The Be Like Bill meme was created to humorously poke fun at irritating Facebook behaviors. Some examples include everything from “vaguebooking” to sharing photos of every single meal you ate last week. Its popularity can only attest to one thing: we’re all suffering from a bit of Facebook fatigue. In this post, we flip this Facebook meme on its head to find out what the Be Like Bill meme can teach us about event marketing. (Read More)