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Published in Event Marketing category on (08/11/2016)

Planning an Enterprise Event with a Lean Mean Marketing Machine

Event planning for a software company catering to senior level marketers teaches you how to plan an event with  steely determination and unshakable optimism. Fortunately, as Certain’s Marketing and Event Coordinator, I have both. Why? The current event landscape has an incredible set of software applications that a data-driven marketer can take advantage of, not only with the planning and execution of customer events (monitored by a team of smart programmers), but also with actionable intelligence and real-time data captured at events. Event Automation software merges event management and marketing automation — it is stress relief. It is budget relief. And it is precisely what marketing teams need to deliver credible event ROI. (Read More)

Published in Event Ideas category on (07/12/2016)

3 Tips to Develop a Successful Partner Marketing Strategy for Events

Do you know how to leverage partner marketing for generating buzz for your next event? When it comes to promoting an event, marketers need to create innovative solutions to sound less “salesy” and more customer-focused. So how can you create a successful marketing campaign that educates and inspires prospects to take action and helps support your next event? Instead of engaging in flashy, salesy, promotions — market smarter and more efficiently by concentrating on your event marketing with targeted partner marketing campaigns.   (Read More)

Published in Event Automation category on (03/29/2016)

How to Define Your Marketing and Event Automation Readiness for Event Success

With 3,874 different types of marketing technologies, the marketing technology space is exploding. Now more than ever, marketers are purchasing software designed to help them be successful, but do they have the proper resources, infrastructure, or processes in place to ensure success? According to the Marketing Automation Trends Survey, 52% of marketers say their most significant barrier to marketing automation success is the lack of an effective strategy.   (Read More)