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Event Planning and Management Blog

connect event participants

Published in Engagement category on (10/24/2022)

Tips for Effectively Connecting with your Event Participants

It is important to know how to connect with your event audiences (in-person and virtual), to make the best use of their time. There are many ways for you to do this, including offering them an interactive agenda and providing opportunities for attendees to network with one another. Give your attendees a reason to attend […] (Read More)

successful in-person events

Published in Event Planning category on (10/02/2022)

5 Things to Consider for Successful In-Person Events

For most businesses, transitioning back to in-person events after almost two years of virtual events will be a big adjustment. Successful events, in-person, virtual or a mix of both – have one thing in common. They focus is always on the attendees. The key to unlocking your event channel and accelerating revenue is to turn […] (Read More)


Published in Uncategorized category on (09/24/2022)

Why You Need an Event Technologist

As technology continues to change the events industry, organizations can no longer rely on planners to handle everything. They need an event technologist to help find the right technology and simplify their event management process. Virtual and In-person events produce boundless amounts of data that accumulate even before registration. It’s important that your event data […] (Read More)